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Adult Residential Services

Grace provides programs for individuals age 18 and above who require long-term residential services. These programs are designed to increase self-autonomy and build healthy interdependencies utilizing community integration where appropriate.

We currently operate 2 licensed residential group homes in Hampton, VA. The homes provide opportunities to participate in community activities and are ideal for those who have disorders but are able to live with some amount of independence in a caring and supportive environment with immediate care available if necessary.

Each GRACE home has full-time, professional staff providing care, guidance, transportation and supervision to those living in the homes. Individuals are encouraged to achieve goals according to their personal plan as well as participate in their community. Staff members assist individuals by providing structured and consistent training and support in the areas of daily living, including money management, cooking, laundry, personal hygiene, contributing to household chores, and positive interaction with other people. We strive to provide training in those skills which will enable individuals to live in the least restricted setting.

Grace facilities and programs are licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Support In Home Services

This program provides supports to individuals ranging from 6 years to adulthood, diagnosed with a mental illness, developmental disability or dually diagnosed with a developmental disability and mental illness. Supports are provided to the individual based upon their needs and desires in their own residence. Staff supports range from 24 hours per day to a few hours per week. Crisis support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The goal of this program is to assist individuals in living in their own homes and exercising the maximum amount of control possible over their lives. To the extent of their abilities, individuals exercise choice over major life issues including, but not limited to, where they live, with whom they live, activities of daily living, diet, leisure activities, and the staff who work with them.

Individuals are provided with whatever support may be needed to reside in their own home. These supports may range from assistance with personal care needs to medication management and assistance with medical needs, to scheduling and transporting them to community activities of their choice. Staff assists individuals in learning to do those things that they choose to learn. These may include self-care skills, community living skills, educational and vocational skills, leisure skills, and social skills to develop support networks in the community. Each individual has a personally designed service plan based on his/her unique needs, desires and abilities.

Entrance into the program requires the full and unanimous commitment of the staff team, the individual receiving services and their family, to the concept of supported living. The individual must be allowed to make the basic choices of daily living even if there is a guardian. The individual, guardian and our staff team must also accept the normal risk associated with living in the community.

*Capacity for this program is unlimited, but dependent upon the availability of trained staff.